Extended Body October Caddis Fly Tying Video

We are very excited about a new line of fly tying tools and materials from J Son Sweden “Real Striking Flies”. We are just learning how to utilize these super cool materials and tools and will continue to post videos as we create regional favorites with them.

In the first video Barrett demonstrates how to create an extended body using the J Son Detached Body Pins. In later posts we will demonstrate mayfly extended bodies as well.

The second video demonstrates one way to quickly create a durable, realistic foam wing for caddis or stoneflies. The J Son Wing Materials are numerous in size and style and will allow for many cool patterns to come.

The third video brings it all together with a modified Morrish October Caddis Pattern. Barrett has developed this pattern to be light but seriously “floaty” and “buggy”. Late this season on the McKenzie and Willamette this pattern was deadly.


Extended Body October Caddis

Hook: Daiichi Klinkhamer Hook D1160

Thread: Burnt Orange Lagartun 150x
Body: J Son Detached Body Pins and Colored foam to create extension
Wing: J Son Caddis Wing burned with Micro Foam Tan/White
Over-wing: Elk Hair
Legs: Grizzly Barred Round Rubber Orange
Hackle: Petitjean CDC Lt. Yellow

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