“Guides Pick Fly Selection” Dec 3rd Deal of the Day

Half Down Golden Stonefly

Guides Pick Fly Selection

Today’s deal is 18 flies plus a box for the great price of only $25. The Guides Pick Fly Selection has 12 Possie Buggers and 6 Half Down Golden Stones. These are our go to Hopper Dropper flies and catch fish at least 3 months out of the season on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. Both Flies are very effective all over the West and Rocky Mountain States. The Half Down Golden imitates both Golden Stone Flies and Hoppers, the Possie Bugger is an excellent Caddis pupae or small minnow imitation.
We pick the sizes for the selection, Possie Buggers will run #10-12 and the Half Downs will be #8-10s.

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  1. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    I’d buy that set. -MS

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