Nicholas Gold Tube Comet Fly Tying Video

If you have but one fly to fish for Chinook salmon, reach for the Gold Comet. Ok, this is clearly an over-simplification, but this is one heckuva good fly. Chinook? Check. Oregon and California steelhead? Check. Tarpon? Reputedly, yes. BC steelhead? Yes again. This is a fun tie to fly (gotcha).

Fishing is believing: the fish above was released quite recently (10/24), and the Gold Comet Tube was the main menu item. I fish these flies in sizes that are smaller and larger too.

Adapting the Comet to a ProTube Micro Tube accomplishes several functions. First, it allows use of a hook that is placed in the rear of the fly. Second, it allows one to fish a fly that has the hook riding down or up, depending on your preferences and superstitions. Third, if you believe that short shank hooks are less prone to being dislodged by fish, this is your way to go.

Jay Nicholas
October 2011


Materials used In Nicholas’ Gold Comet Tube Fly:

Tube: ProTube System MicroTube, Clear or Orange
Hook: Gamakatsu Glo Bug C14S #2
Tail: Hot Orange Bucktail
Tail Topping: Hot Orange Krystal Flash
Rear Body: Lagartun Holo gold Mini Flat Braid
Fore-body: Fl Orange Chenille, two turns, medium
Collar Hackle: Hot Orange Schlappen or Saddle hackle ( or mix hot orange with yellow)
Eyes: traditional Bead Chain, gold or Nickel

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