Product Review: Glo Brite Floss

Glo Brite Floss is among the new product offering from Hareline Dubbin for 2012.

Glo Bite floss has several properties that make it particularly attractive to the salmon and steelhead fly tyer. First, it is very fine. When I say fine, I am not kidding. This is a floss that I will commonly double up and use two feet to spin on a butt for my steelhead flies. The nice part of being fine (small diameter) is that it allows me to make a very neat symmetrical butt.  Yes, I know how that sounds.  No smart comments, please.

No droning on here.The Glo Brite Floss is radiant, durable, very fray resistant, and offers all the colors I want (sixteen colors at last count). Atlantic Salmon tyers should love the ability to add a touch of color without adding bulk. I have tied butts, tags, tails, and full bodies with Glo Brite floss – my process of simultaneously testing the material and stocking up on salmon and steelhead flies for my upcoming adventures. Without exception, I am most pleased with the results. Glo Brite is Bobbin-friendly too, just one more nice feature.

Here are a few of the flies we have showcased in our videos recently, using Glo Brite Floss.

signal light

freight train

Of late, I have taken a liking to simply using Glo Brite Floss as my tying thread for many of my Salmon flies tied on both standard hooks and on Pro Tube Micro Tubes. The Glo Brite floss is radiant, serves in a fashion similar to about a 150 Denier tying thread, makes bodies and heads nicely, and, well, it is fun stuff to work with.

Check out how UV lights up of Glo Brite thread and a Salmon Tube Fly tied on Pro Micro Tube with Orange Hook Guide. Wow – this stuff is flourescent and if that is a quality you are looking for in your trout, salmon, or steelhead flies, well here ya go!

Here are a few 4  AM Salmon Tube flies tied with #5 Glo Brite Floss and tubes.

Jay Nicholas
Autumn 2011

PS: Cameras doused with salt water may cease to function, specifically, they may not open the lens cover and produce therefore semi artistic binocular like effects with shadows in the upper left and lower right corners of the photograph. Ahhhhhhhh. Cannon loves me. Dearly.

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