Sneaky Pete Hits Diamond Lake Again

boat launching

Diamond Lake is windy but fishable. Rented boat at marina. Fished damsels and callinaetis nymphs in 40′ weeds. Rainbow trout looked a lot like black rockfish, lingcod, and blue rockfish. Must be a hatchery breeding anomaly. Note to self, call ODFW to complain.

Rock fish flies

rock fish fly fishing the oregon coast

Time to head for marina to resupply with 15 lb Maxima leader and ice cream bars.

Note to self #2, Echo 3 SW nine and 10 wt fly rods make perfect match to these monster Diamond lake ‘Bows.

Echo 3 saltwater rod

jay nicholas rock fishing

Rio 400 gr striper line got down where the big ones live.

fly fishing the oregon coast for dungeones crab

oregon chinook fly fishing

In all sincerity, SP.

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9 Responses to Sneaky Pete Hits Diamond Lake Again

  1. gregH says:


  2. Pat says:

    I have surfed there at Diamond Lake many many times. Beautiful spot–looks like the swell’s Mackin’ by your photos.

  3. Randy says:


  4. Thanks for the report “Sneaky” Did you go out with Jack?


  5. Capt. Nate says:


    well it took you long enough… thank god… I know a spot we should chat about down south off the shore totally protected and you could launch a drift boat there… Probably RR’s boat! Nice work

  6. bacon_to_fry says:

    hold on, hold on. didn’t you recently tell me my 10 wts are overgunning those Diamond Lake fish?

  7. Dan Nash says:

    I had some good fishing there in 1963, we launched at Cape Daimond Lake and fished North of the Hay Stack.

  8. Guy says:

    Glad you didn’t head across the lake to the resort for a cup of coffee !

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