Squatch celebrity: Bigfoot-mania continues in the McKenzie River Valley

After watching the recent episode of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, I can finally say that I’ve had my fifteen minutes of fame. Bob Welch wrote up a column on the show in the Register-Guard, friends sent me photos of me on their TV screens, and people I hadn’t talked to in ages came out of the woodwork on Facebook, freaking out.


If you missed it last night, I suspect Animal Planet will replay the show. Or you can check out this bootleg version we found on YouTube:

Stay tuned for Caddis Fly Squatch gear coming soon.

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7 Responses to Squatch celebrity: Bigfoot-mania continues in the McKenzie River Valley

  1. Anthony says:

    My Grandfather from California called me last night while watching the show to warn me that Bigfoot was so close to my house and to be careful. He’s ready to join the hunt.

  2. themostdangerousanimal says:

    I think that “Fresh Squatch” should be part of everybody’s lingo.

    Not tall enough to be a Bigfoot? I feel sorry for the female bigfoot who has to push out an 8′ bigfoot.

  3. Nathan W says:

    I had stuff I needed to get done tonight, then I start watching this… then watch it all.. followed by going crazy on bigfoot websites.. Thanks…Thanks a lot.

  4. Scott R. says:

    I watched the show with great interest, myself being a “skeptical believer” in bigfoots. I like the show Finding Bigfoot so far, but I do wonder why these guys don’t investigate further on their findings. It seems that whenever they get strong “hits”, such as thermal images of possible bigfoots, or vocalizations, they pack up and leave. If it were me, I would stick around and try to find more evidence, like prints, hair, droppings, etc. Not to mention scouting those areas with a video camera ready.
    But anyway, great job guys, and congrats on your significant contribution to “Bigfoot Mania”!

  5. David Jensen says:

    Because of my high regard for Chris and Matt, because I’ve lived up the McKenzie for 35 years, and because I’ve rowed Fish Ladder Rapids about a dozen times, I studied over-and-over the footage. What it shows is someone rowed a spamcan metal boat through Fish Ladder before Chris and Matt and did what you always do if you make it through – you get to the side as soon as you can and pee, or worse.

  6. Gus says:

    “But my passion is huntin’ the Squatch.”

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