Diamond Lake Fly Fishing Report

fly fishing diamond lake

Chase Millemann brings us this report from Saturday. Diamond should continue to improve as the weather does, but it looks pretty good despite the cold. Thanks Chase.

I fished Diamond lake with my buddy Casey on Saturday. The weather report said
there would be a chance of snow, but we had no idea what we were in for. It was
a sideways blizzard for much of the day, and it felt more like a powder day than
a fishing trip. While the weather was rough, and the water was frigid, the
fishing was very good.

diamond lake trout

We fished chironomids under various mini leeches and
buggers. We put the leech about 8 feet below an indicator and the chironomids
about 4 feet under that. It didn’t seem to matter what kind of leech or
chironomid we used; the bite was consistent all day. We didn’t catch any of the
huge diamond lake rainbows that I’ve seen in pictures, but we landed decent
numbers of fish in the 16-17 range, and every fish was fat. I was worried that
we’d have a hard time catching fish on the fly after seeing the massive fleet of
boats fishing bait, but there were lots of fish, and despite the frigid weather,
they were hungry.

For a more comprehensive report on Diamond Lake Fly Fishing check out: thebajaproject.wordpress.com

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2 Responses to Diamond Lake Fly Fishing Report

  1. Fishkamp says:

    Looks like a hoot. There are some monsters in that lake!

  2. Nathan W says:

    We went the next day after Chase told me how legit it was. Another blizzard and oh so cold. The fish weren’t striking as well as the day before because we didn’t quite have that much success. Even the bait guys said it wasn’t as good.

    What I learned at the end of the day was that Fly Fishing is more enjoyable when there isn’t a blizzard.

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