Abaco Island, Bahamas

Abaco 008
One of the things I have had on my bucket list was to fish the Bahamas. After listening to Chris and some of the Caddis Fly Shop customers speak high in praise about Abaco and Abaco Palms House, and not to mention, after several decades of living in Oregon, the current spring weather; sucked! We needed some sun and I said let’s go for it!

I was able to have my wife and a couple of the Technical Men’s Council (old dawgs who have fished together for decades) and their spouses join us. After a couple of trips to Christmas Island, I was totally hooked on bonefish. I was warned well in advance about the bones of Abaco as being “well educated” and quiet wily. Guess what; I think the bones of Abaco have PhD’s! It’s been a real challenge (one bone broken off and many follows) but, we are making the most of it. Here is Marc with one fine bone caught no more than a quarter mile from the house. LV

Abaco 2
In the next few days we are headed out with the infamous Abaco Guide “JR” of JR’s Bonefishing trips. Stay tuned….

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