Delectable Prince Golden Stone Fly Tying Video

The Delectable Prince has been a local favorite of ours for the past few years. In this video Barrett ties a Golden Stone version. The pattern can be tied with a Peacock herl body, in more traditional “Prince Nymph” form or mix things up and use Ice Dub and a flashy bead for a Steelhead pattern. Fish it under an indicator as a nymph or under a heavily dressed dry fly.

Delectable Golden Stone

Delectable Prince Golden Stone Fly Tying Video

Hook: TMC 2457 6-10
Thread: Ultra Thread U70 Brown or Tan
Bead: Tungsten to match hook size
Tail: Tan Life flex
Rib: Copper Wire Brassie
Body: STS Trilobal Dub Golden Stone
Legs: Tan Life Flex
Gills Hackle: Petitjean CDC Beige
Wings: White Goose Biots
Head: STS Trilobal Dub Golden Stone

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