March Brown Ice Dub Soft Hackle Wet Fly

You’ve heard the saying “less is more”. The sparse Soft Hackle Fly written about extensively by Sylvester Nemes, and effectively fished by anglers all over the world is a proven winner during the March Brown emergence. Barrett ties a simple version using Hareline Ice Dub for the thorax (not sure if Syl Nemes would have approved). Fish it on a floating line, a leader at least 9 feet long, ┬ácast down and across and swing. Regardless of the time of year, the Soft Hackle fly takes fish on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. Early in the season use larger sizes #10-12, as the water drops and clears, use smaller lighter colored patterns in #14-18.

Partridge Soft Hackle

March Brown Ice Dub Soft Hackle

Hook: TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1560 10-16
Thread: Ultra Thread U70
Rib: Silver Wire
Body: Ultra Thread
Thorax: Pheasant Tail Ice Dub
Hackle: Partridge Hackle

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One Response to March Brown Ice Dub Soft Hackle Wet Fly

  1. Jim McGeachie says:

    I don’t think Syl Nemes would mind too much that Ice Dub was used for the thorax. The only thing Syl didn’t like was metal beads added to flies. Nice looking fly, i’ll have to try using Ice Dub on some “Soft Hackles”.

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