UV Ice Dub ElK Hair Caddis Fly Tying Video

One of the classics, the Elk Hair Caddis is a must for any Western Anglers fly box. Barrett demonstrates a couple of new twists using mono for the rib and Hareline Ice Dub for the body. This is a quick and easy tie for an extremely effective fly.

Ice dub elk hair caddis

UV Ice Dub Elk Hair Caddis

Hook: TMC 100 or Daiichi 1180 # 10-18
Thread: Ultra Thread 70 Denier Black
Rib: 5x Mono
Body: UV Dark Olive Ice Dub
Hackle: Gizzly Saddle or Neck Hackle
Wing: Dyed Dun Comparadun Deer

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3 Responses to UV Ice Dub ElK Hair Caddis Fly Tying Video

  1. David Swart says:

    Like the UV dubbing I tye a caddis with a UV tan body,ginger hackle,fine gold wire rib,& a bleach elk hair wing wing call it a chost caddis the fish like it a lot around here.

  2. Bert says:

    Wha? Huh? An Elk Hair Caddis tied with deer hair?

    Since we are getting all creative and stuff, check this month’s issue of Fly Tyer. Dennis Potter replaces the dubbing with pearl opal tinsel. I like it. He does a similar treatment to the X-Caddis, too.

  3. Mjfatka says:

    As I understand with a mayfly dry fly the wing is what one would have as UV … Correct ? And with a Caddis dry , the body would use UV product .. Correct ?
    What about the parts of a mayfly nymph ? A Caddis larvae ? Mj , ames , Iowa

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