Partridge and Olive Ice Dub Soft Hackle Fly Tying Video

The Soft Hackle fly is one of our favorites for early season local flshing. The classic soft hackle is easy to tie and very effective. Fish it on a floating line down and across swing style or hang it behind your favorite dry fly. Barrett demonstrates how to tie a modern version using Ice Dub as the thorax.

We have had reports of March Browns emerging on the lower McKenzie and Willamette Rivers but the current weather pattern isn’t exactly cooperating. Look for the river to go way up over the next week. When it begins to drop and get green or clear our Spring trout fishing will be on.–CD

Partidge and Olive Ice Dub Soft Hackle

Partridge and Olive Soft Hackle

Hook: TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1560 #10-16
Thread: Ultra Thead Black 70 denier
Rib: Varnished Oval Tinsel
Body: Olive Uni-Floss
Thorax: Ice Dub UV Dark Olive

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2 Responses to Partridge and Olive Ice Dub Soft Hackle Fly Tying Video

  1. Leo R says:

    How is that dark olive Ice Dub? It looks blue to me.

    What brand hackle pliers do you use?

  2. bchrist says:

    Dk. olive ice dub is bluish until it is in the water. The hackle pliers are made by C and F designs.

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