Pro Tube Popsicle Tube Fly Video

Pro Tube Popcicle

Jay Nicholas ties a versatile and simple tube fly pattern using Pro Tube Fly Systems components and Hareline Fly Tying Materials. The Popcicle tube fly can be adapted in both size and color to targeted species. The Popcicle was originally designed for Silver Salmon but when tied on a tube this relatively simple pattern is very effective. We love the fact that although it utilizes a tube and dubbing loop the fly can be tied in around five minutes.

Popcicle on a Pro Tube

Tube: Pro Tube Micro Tube
Butt/Body: Ice Dub Orange
Hackle: Marabou Blood Quills Orange+ Flame
Collar: Two Tone Cross Cutt Rabbit Hot Orange/Yellow
Cone: Pro Cone Large
Hook Guide: Pro Tube Large
Tools: Dubbing Wax, Dubbing Twister, M. Petitjean Magic Tool,

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