Pro Tube Fly Systems: Green Butt Skunk Fly Tying Video

Pro Tube Green Butt Skunk Fly

Why not tie a “Summer Steelhead Classic” on a tube? In this video Jay Nicholas shows us how to tie a traditional style Steellhead pattern on a Pro Tube. The ability to swap hooks, use a short shank hook, and add uniform weight are merits of using a tube for the platform of your flies. Recently we filmed a bunch of cool tube fly patterns stay tuned.

Pro Tube Green Butt Skunk

Tube: Protube Flexi Tube 40/40
Butt: Ice Dub Caddis Green
Tail: Red Ostrich
Rib: Lagartun Oval Silver Med
Body: Medium Black Chenille
Wing: White Arctic Fox + Peacock Green Krystal Flash
Collar: Black Cross Cut Rabbit
Cone: Pro Tube Large 7.5 mm

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2 Responses to Pro Tube Fly Systems: Green Butt Skunk Fly Tying Video

  1. David Swart says:

    Again Jay allway’s the inavator takes an old clasic & adds a new twist to it “BRAVO” Jay keep the changes comm’n love your style & workmanship you are a joy to watch tye, many thanks to your genius.

  2. Ryan Doering says:

    Love it, great tie. Thanks for posting the tying videos.

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