Pro Tube Winter’s Hope Fly Tying Video

Pro Tube Winters Hope

We are very excited to have added Pro Tube Tube Fly Systems to our huge offering of fly tying products and videos. We think the Pro Tube Fly System is one of the most innovative fly tying products to come to market in some time. The tubes are easy to use, the the tube vise is easy to use and maybe most importantly all of the Pro Tube parts and pieces fit all of the tubes. No more wondering what cone or drop weight will fit which size of tube. Everything in the Pro Tube System fits everything. Regardless of tube color, length or style, added weight in the form of a cone, flexiweight or drop weight slides on with ease. It’s really a cool and functional system.

In this video Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie on the Pro Tube tube. His Winters hope is a great looking fly for Winter Steelhead fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

Winters Hope Tube Fly

Tube: Pro Tube Flexitube 40/40
Body: Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Silver
Hackle: Blue Angel Hair
Wing 1: Fl. Orange Arctic Fox
Hackle 1: Purple Schlappen
Wing 2: Yellow Arctic Fox+UV Minnow Belly Krystal Flash
Hackle 2: Purple Schlappen
Wing 3: Fl. Orange Arctic Fox Fl. Orange Krystal Flash
Cone: Pro Tube Conedisc

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3 Responses to Pro Tube Winter’s Hope Fly Tying Video

  1. Clay says:

    hmmm ill have six of those…

  2. Hi Guys.
    Just wanted to say you did an excellent job demonstrating how the tube stuff works.
    Please ask Toni to get in touch with me.
    Regards Neil.
    Pro Tube Sales North America.

  3. Marc Madore says:

    Thanks Tony,the guys are getting me into Protube tying.
    Thanks for the demo very well done,keep them coming as they are appreciated.
    Regards Marc

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