Lower Mckenzie: Between the Storms

After reviewing Lower Mckenzie river levels before the last rain/snow storm it appeared the river was continuing to drop to a decent fishing level. The only bad deal, the water and air temperature were dropping as fast!

Mckenzie 11-29-10

I convinced my colleagues (Marc and Kirk) of the Technical Men’s Conference (old dogs who have fished together for decades) to join me. The water temperature was 41 degrees. We carpet bombed the bottom with Possie Buggers and Mega Princes.
It took a while for the fish to warm up to the nymphs. I am pretty sure the anglers never got warm. After a few spots, some Redsides gave up to Kirk on the Possie Bugger.

After the Redsides and several whitefish, we ran into a “special species” for the Lower Mckenzie. The angler who caught this “special species” refused to share the exact location, angling technique or to be interviewed.

Mckenzie 11-29-11

Bottom line, it was cold, close to home, fishing was typical for waters at 41 degrees and it was FUN!–LV

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  1. kahana says:

    What kind of fish was this “special” species? looks like a sucker.

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