Jay Nicholas’s Blue Comet Chinook Salmon Fly Tying Video

The south coast is still fishing decent for Salmon. When water conditions cooperate Chinook Salmon will be available through Christmas. Blue is a killer color for fall Chinooks as well as Winter Steelhead.–CD

Jay Nicholas's  Chinook Salmon Blue Comet

Chinook Salmon Comet Blue

Hook: Daiichi 2141 # 4
Thread: Lagartaun X-Strong 150 Denier Black
Tail: Black Bucktail UV Herring Back Krystal Flash
Body: Gold Holographic Lagartun mini flat braid
Collar Hackle: Blue Saddle, Blue Metz Hatchery Soft Hackle
Eyes: Bead Chain Eyes

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One Response to Jay Nicholas’s Blue Comet Chinook Salmon Fly Tying Video

  1. Mark says:

    I have watched a lot of Jays videos and always see a squeeze bottle in the head cement. What’s up? Just courios. Sometimes I tie quite a few flies and have problems with the head cement thickening. wondering if he has the same problem and has figured out a solution.

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