Lower Mckenzie: Before the storm

Mckenzie fall 2 026

With major storms coming and the prospects of major rain, Lou and a member of the Technical Mens Council, (old dogs who have fished together for decades) Kirk, headed out for the lower Mckenzie this past week. The action was about the same as the last trip a few weeks ago. This trip produced a fine 18 incher, 17 and a 15. A couple of freshwater bonefish provided some additional interest. The possie bugger, mega prince, and prince nymph produced once again. The Sage 99 5 weight, Rio indicator line, indicator leader and Winston 9′ 6″, 6 weight were the tools of the day.

Mckenzie fall 2 023

Anglers should keep a keen eye out on the river level and weather forecast this coming week. You may not catch a lot of fish, but one fine redside equates to many! The good news; not much rain, lower river level forecast and perhaps fishable levels next week. The bad news: cool enough air temperatures to make you think you might be winter steelhead nymphing!

Mckenzie fall 2 024

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4 Responses to Lower Mckenzie: Before the storm

  1. Owl Jones says:

    What beautiful fish! Winter may not be as nice to fish in as fall, but the trout don’t seem to mind the cold weather as much as the trout chasers!

  2. gregH says:

    My compliments to the Technical Men’s Council… well done!!

  3. Tron says:

    I always thought it was a “conference”, not a “council”. Having solved the thorny issues centering around the rise and fall of the moon, we’ll have to discuss the nomenclature at the next TMC. Nice to see you boys finally having some luck.

    Go Chiefs!

  4. Nate K. says:

    Lou! Nice fish, buddy. I do miss the Mac and those gorgeous redsides…

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