Middle Fork of the Willamette Producing Late in the Season

Winter trouting, or as some call it the “second season” is approaching. Midges, Beatis, and a heavy dose of nymphing are the play December and January. For now the Middle Fork of the Willamette from Hills Creek down to Lookout Point Reservoir remains in good shape with water temperatures in the low fifties. The standard hopper dropper set-up has been productive as well as dedicated nymph rigs. As long as the water levels hold the Middle Fork will fish this Fall/Winter.


Check out the new version of the hall of fame trout nymph The Rubber Legged CDC Possie Bugger, deadly for trout and steelhead year round. It has been getting the job done on the MFW. As the water gets colder fish the Possie Bugger with a smaller Prince or Pheasant Tail.–CD

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One Response to Middle Fork of the Willamette Producing Late in the Season

  1. Dan Timberlake says:

    I even caught a 23″ brown on the Owyhee with the Possie Bugger (no rubber legs)…what a fly!

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