What to do with a dark hatchery chinook?

Salmon cutlets of course! You can adapt Rob’s recipe for Steelhead cutlets to dark salmon with great results.

Chinook Pix by Rob Russell

Salmon Cutlets

Salmon Cutlets

Salmon Cutlets

Salmon Cutlets

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4 Responses to What to do with a dark hatchery chinook?

  1. Rob R says:

    Full disclosure: it’s my ex-wife’s family recipe. In last night’s batch at the Stansberry home, we substituted bacon and salt pork for the usual back fat (Long’s was closed). The result was a slightly heavier, saltier cutlet, but still excellent. In the future, I would try 50/50 with bacon and back fat for optimum results, and skip the salt pork.

  2. Clay says:

    munchie food

  3. bchrist says:

    Sorry I missed them!

  4. gregH says:

    Great stuff…. after reading your post last year, I experimented a little bit by adding corn meal to the mix. I call them “Steelhead Corn Dodgers”… perfect river rat food.

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