Rainbow Bead Rubber Legged Possie Bugger Fly Tying Video

The Possie Bugger has been our favorite trout nymph locally for years. We have taken it trout fishing all over the west, southern hemisphere and even tied a bonefish version. We have yet to find a fish that won’t eat this simple “hare’s ear like” pattern. Rainbow Beads and Rubber Legs have been added in this version. Without weight on the hook shank this pattern does not have the sink rate that the standard Possie Bugger has but it does catch fish. Depending on how deep you need to get consider adding lead to the shank when using legs and a rainbow bead.–CD

Rainbow Bead Possie Bugger

Rainbow Bead Rubber Legged Possie Bugger

Hook: TMC 3761 or 5262 or Daiichi 1560 size 6-12
Thread: Uni 6/0 Black
Bead: Rainbow Bead size to match hook
Tail: Australian Opossum Fur
Rib: Mirage Flashabou Pearl and Copper Wire
Hackle: Partridge Hackle
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs Clear Pearl Flake

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