October Caddis Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Pattern

October Caddis are one of the most important insects for fall fishing. Coastal rivers have been seeing a few already, and Sea Run Cutthroat are just as dialed into them as resident trout. In this video Jay ties a favorite October Caddis wet fly pattern. Try it for Sea Runs, Steelhead and your favorite local trout stream.

october caddis wet

October Caddis Wet

Hook: TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1560 # 6,8
Thread: Petitjean Split Second 8/0
Rib: Lagartun Silver Oval Small
Body: STS Trilobal Dub, burnt orange, Hot Orange and UV Ice dub minnow belly Blended
Hackle: American Saddle Clump Brown
Wing: Natural Deer Hair
Head: Black STS Trilobal Dubbing

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2 Responses to October Caddis Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Pattern

  1. David Swart says:

    I’ve seen serval october caddis patterns, but this 1 I like a lot, simple, easy to tye, & the materials are readily available,I might add a rootbeer krystal flash antennae just because I like antennae.

  2. two dogs says:

    Nice finished product man. May even try the antennae idea on about half of them. Like antennae but I find that they get in the way when I am in a hurry putting them in a box. My fault. Well it’s raining like crazy up here so the hot choc and chili taste real good. Rivers will be up so will try the beaches this afternoon……will see if those green flies do any good and let you know.

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