Jay’s Summer Steelhead Chenille Series Claret and Black and Blue and Black

Two more in Jay’s Summer Steelhead Chenille Series Steelhead fly patterns. During the tying session Jay discusses stomach contents of Steelhead. His career as a biologist and angler has led to a tremendous amount of research, field observation and access to information about fish. Enjoy!–CD

Classic Summer Steelhead Series Claret and Black

Classic Summer Steelhead Series Blue and Black

Summer Steelhead Chenille Series

Hook: TMC 700 2-6
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Rib: Lagartun Oval Tinsel
Body: Medium Black Chenille
Collar Hackle Fly # 1: Claret Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle
Collar Hackle Fly # 2: Kingfisher Blue Saddle Hackle
Wing: Mirage Flashabou

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