Blue water coming soon…

The waters are warming up and over the past week we have recorded sea surface temps hovering around 58 degrees!
ocean fly fishing
Our blue water season will be starting soon and you never know what might show up this year. Our recent readings have put a mass of warm water on the California/Oregon border and ocean currents will dictate where that will end up.
bait ball
We happened upon our first surface offshore bait ball of the season and it has my blood cooking! Last year tuna and salmon were in full force by the end of the June.

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2 Responses to Blue water coming soon…

  1. Randall Clark says:

    Cool, can’t wait for Tuna season. I’m curious, have you guys ever thrown topwater flies for Tuna?

  2. Roy says:

    June 18th Capt. Nate, hook us up on some solid fish.

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