Gem of a day at Diamond Lake

Lou took Ken (of the Mens Technical Council, Old dogs who have fished together for a couple of decades) out to Diamond Lake on Saturday. Rumors had been swirling around the shop about the ice off on Diamond and “how it’s usually pretty good after the ice off” or ” it’s always good for fly anglers at the south end”. So, after a quick call, Ken and I hit the road for Diamond. It had been a few years since I had been there and used the south end boat ramp. When we pulled in it looked like this!

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 014

Oh well, it looked like the snow melt had a ways to go for this boat launch. So, we headed north to the next ramp. We put in and joined the rest of the armada at the south end.

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 016

I started with Chironomids and a bobber. Ken (a bugger loyalist) started with the Bead Head Electric Leach. We scanned the fleet and saw nets in the water or heard “fish on!” Ken and I were beginning to have doubts. Ken was getting hits on his bugger, but not connecting. I changed to a Bead Head Electric Leach and hit a small, but mighty Diamond fish.

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 018

Ken was still getting hits and then proclaimed: “I think I have these fish figured out! I’ve lost my touch on the bugger hits, but now, I have my strikes dialed in for sure.” In a few minutes Ken began to light up the score board.

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 024

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 035

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 036

We changed buggers throughout the day using the Cascade Bugger, Carey Special, Tungsten Thin Mint, and Bead Head Electric Leach. I got to use my Sage 99 with a full sinking (clear) line and it lived up to all of it’s expectations. Ken was using my intermediate sinking line and we both felt that line was key in his success. We figured the water depth we were fishing was about 7 to 10 feet.

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 033

We enjoyed a mostly windless day at Diamond and even caught fish dragging buggers back to the ramp. All and all, Ken I left Diamond feeling very fortunate to be living where we do and enjoyed the very best of another great lake in the Oregon Cascades. LV

Steven, Diamond, Peter's Nephews 041

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3 Responses to Gem of a day at Diamond Lake

  1. Brian Meade says:

    Good to see some Diamond beauties. I am heading down there next week for two days of realxation. It will be my first time there and am very much looking fwd to it.

  2. themostdangerousanimal says:

    Nice photos, Lou. Now I know how a real man wears a hat.

  3. Went up Friday, May 28th, and put my H3 kicker in at the “cove” just down and west of dam. Lots of wind, a little snow, a little ran, a little sun and a little of all combined.

    Tried a bunch of flies but started catching on a 10 3X long dark green Dragonfly nymph working and AirFlo fast intermediate sink tip line. Missed a bunch, did “ldr’s” on several “jumpers” and landed 8 or 9 over 3 lbs.

    36* at 9 AM and warmed clear up to 41* by 4. Never went more than 30 seconds without having to kick back into position for recovery of line. Lots of “swirling” wind at north end. Strong wind and whitecaps on south end. Didn’t try kicking around there.

    Road appears to be open around the lake and all ramps open. Few spots north end of loop that look like 4X4 only, but never used it.

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