Willamette River Summer steelhead hitting Eugene

The summer steelhead are hitting Eugene, with some of the biggest and best fish on this early part of the run. Get out there now for excellent fishing on the Willamette River. I caught this bruiser today with Ethan Nickel, and I could barely budge the fish out of a fast current. It taped out to 30 inches. Hot flies include leech or intruder style patterns in purple, black, blue and pink, like Bush’s Town Run, the MOAL leech, Dirk Wiggler, Morejohn’s Bantam, and the loop leech. Type III sink tips and spey rods recommended!

Willamette River Summer Steelhead


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5 Responses to Willamette River Summer steelhead hitting Eugene

  1. David Jensen says:

    It is just wrong that this garnered no comments in a day. Nice work, Matt.

  2. gregH says:

    Nice Work there brother Matt!! I’ll be out there with the Two Hander after RR knocks the rust off my 13′ Winston… save a few of those fresh steelhead for me, please.

  3. william kevin centers says:

    Good job buddy!! thats a verry pretty looking fish.I fished last frieday at the springfield bridge last frieday and hooked into a26/28 lb salom and lost it at the boat. It took my hot shot that i was using for steelhead.Blew me away!!again good job!!!!!

  4. David Brown says:

    Thanks for great info ! I’m just getting rigged up now after some years away from fly fishing. I’ll be fishing near the Delta hwy bridge just South of belt line Any tips for this area ?
    David B

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