Remdinder: Trout Unlimited meeting tonight w/ guest speaker Jeff Ziller

Reminder: Trout Unlimited Meeting tonight, guest speaker Jeff Ziller.

ODFW district biologist Jeff Ziller will be speaking at the Trout Unlimited meeting tonight, presenting on rainbow trout in the McKenzie River. The meeting starts at 7pm and is free and open to the public. The meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Eagles Aerie, 1375 Irving Rd, Eugene.

We’re also featuring two new activities at tonight’s meeting



-Tie or purchase 6 flies.
-Bring those 6 flies to the meeting.

Each participant will bring 6 flies to the meeting. These flies can be tied by you, by someone else or purchased. The 6 flies you bring will be presented as a “set”. These flies do not have to be identical or even the same pattern, you simply have to have six flies to participate.

After all the sets are submitted, you will draw a number from the bucket.

The number you draw will determine the order that you get to choose your flies. Example: If you are number one, you get to choose any set of flies. If you are number two, you can choose the set you want from the remaining sets of flies. Etc.

You are then instructed to fish those flies and have fun.


This is an exercise that will stimulate your imagination. The goal is to make you think “outside the box”.

Each bag contains exactly the same materials. Your goal is to tie one fly from the materials in the bag. Imagination is the key here.

• You must use at least a small amount of every material provided in the bag.
• You may not add, subtract or substitute any materials from the bag.
• The only thing not provided in the bag is thread. You may use any
color thread you desire.
• You must return the completed fly to the meeting the following month
for it to be placed in the competition.

General Information:
You may purchase a “brown bag special” before the meeting or during the break. Funds go toward TU room rental costs. When you return the tied fly to the meeting the following month, the flies from all participants will be displayed and the members will vote on the best fly tied.

The winner will receive a fly tying related prize. This prize will change monthly. The flies that are tied and submitted for judging will be collected throughout the year and will be used as a donation, auction item or fund raiser for the chapter.

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One Response to Remdinder: Trout Unlimited meeting tonight w/ guest speaker Jeff Ziller

  1. M00n says:

    I’ve seen a couple of the brown bag fly’s already… looks like everyone is enjoying this. Monica and I are looking forward to seeing all the rest tonight…..

    C’mon out tonite and have a beverge of your choice with us. Chapter 678 is growing and we want you to feel welcome at our meetings…

    Wild fish rock my world….

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