McKenzie and Willamette rivers reset with high water

Recent down pours have been hammering our local waters. We do need the water, and the fish never mind a reprieve from pressure, especially on a low water year. As the rivers drop into shape late this week how should you approach the high water?

It looks like Thursday mid-day should have the McKenzie under the gage height of 3.0. The river can fish above this level but it is a good number to watch. Recent low elevation snow will have the water temps down a bit. Have a rod rigged with dredging gear. A heavy stonefly nymph, really heavy like  Beldar’s or Tungsten Trout Retriever. Couple it with a Possie Bugger, Mega Prince, Idyl’s Holo Prince, Ice Prince, Morrish’s Super Pupa or Morrish’s Hotwire Caddis tied off as a dropper under a Thingamabobber.  This will have you covered on the depth and imitation side of things. We have seen tremendous numbers of caddis and March Browns this spring, look for that to continue. If things do warm up during the day swing wets like Dark Cahills and Hare’s Ear Soft Hackles. The water is going to up and moving so look to the inside edges and softer flowing banks. Dries to have during the warmest part of the day include, March Brown Parachute, X-Caddis, Peacock Caddis and Hogan’s Yuba River Emerger.

Don’t be surprised if you run into an early steelhead, they are moving into the system and early indications have 2010 looking like a good year.–CD

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3 Responses to McKenzie and Willamette rivers reset with high water

  1. Joy Henkle says:

    Yeah, we have been getting hammered with some much needed rain the last couple days. Last week Bob fished the McKenzie and the Willamette and had pretty good luck catching trout during the prime hatch. JOY

  2. matt r says:

    “Don’t be surprised if you run into an early steelhead.” ??

    I’m always surprised!

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks folks..

    Tim and I took your advice in the shop to fish a small stretch of the Willamette yesterday.. Caddis were poppin’ on the river..
    BTW. We needed the rain.


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