How to Blend Fly Tying Dubbing

In this short video Jay Nicholas explains the how to, and why to, of creating your own dubbing blends. Jay uses a variety of Hareline dubbings including, Hare-Tron Dub, Hareline Dub, Ice Dub and STS Trilobal Dub. Finding the best dubbing blend for your fly pattern can take some experimentation, but when you find that unique blend that really is different and the fish notice, your efforts are rewarded. Grab your coffee grinder and give it a try.–CD

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  1. Jim Terborg says:

    I’ve been using an old coffee grinder for this for years. I’ve even ground up little bags of desiccant I’ve saved, these are the packages that sometime come with food that say “Do Not Eat,” in order to save on dry fly shake. Sorry Chris. One suggestion made by Cal Bird, who first tied the Bird’s Nest, is to mix equal amounts of red, green, blue yellow, orange and purple, to match the color spectrum. Then add about 10 percent of this mix to your regular dubbing. I don’t know if it works, but I keep some of this on my tying table.

  2. Marc Robershaw says:

    No, grab your wife’s coffee grinder.

  3. two dogs says:

    Jay, keep up the great work. Sure makes coming the this blog a treat. Since you have started your “insights” a person has a chance to learn or have a refresher on something new each time they click the mouse. Sure hope you are able to keep going. Your work is appreciated!

  4. jay nicholas says:

    Well what a nice compliment your note was to end my day yesterday. Tnankee Mr. Dawgs. yup. more ideas big and small for videos are in the works. i will keep on ’till i drop. As will the other most excellent contributors to the blog and videos. Again, raelly appreciate the encouragement and feedback.


  5. Ricky Hope says:


    I need a dubbing blend for the green rock worm, can you start me out on the right path

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