Meeting Reminder: Mckenzie Watershed Council

Tonight, the Mckenzie Watershed Council will be meeting at the EWEB facility in downtown Eugene. From 5:30-7:00. Jeff Ziller, District Biologist will be presenting on the Status and Managment of Mckenzie River Trout. He will be taking questions from the public and the Council members.

This is a great opportunity to gather information and to show the Council just how many of us care about the severe depletion of wild trout in 35 miles of the Mckenzie. Our last showing at the ODFW public meweting made a positive impression on ODFW senior staff. Let’s do the same thing for the watershed council and keep our momentum going! Hope to see you there.–KM

McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition

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2 Responses to Meeting Reminder: Mckenzie Watershed Council

  1. Craig Heaton says:

    Signs? Do we get to use our signs?

  2. Derek Johnson says:

    Get there early — they might lock you out! D

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