Jay’s Total Domination Egg: Steelhead fly tying video

In this new video, Jay Nicholas demonstrates the Total Domination Egg, a pattern named on the fly after Eugene’s favorite IPA from Ninkasi Brewing. This offbeat egg pattern fishes well under an indicator with a heavy stonefly nymph in tandem. It looks a little like an alevin fly.

Jay's Total Domination Egg

Jay’s Total Domination Egg
Hook: TMC 3761 size 6
Thread: Lagartun 150 Denier pink
Tail: Egg yarn or Mcflyfoam
Body: Lagartun mini flat braid holographic silver
Thorax: STS trilobal dubbing, pink
Collar: Dyed grizzly saddle hackle, pink

Be sure to check out our steelhead fly tying pattern library.

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