McKenzie River Native Trout Postcards hit the streets, TU scores $5k to study wild trout

This week, Trout Unlimited, The Caddis Fly Shop, The Native Fish Society and a host of volunteers and concerned anglers sent out postcards, asking influential Oregonians to reach out to ODFW in favor of wild fish management on the McKenzie River. We have lots of postcards still at the shop if you’d like to take the time to fill some out. The cards are currently going to 25 individuals, postage paid and addressed. The Native Fish Society is using its bulk non-profit mailing code, so we are collecting them in batches and sending them to the Native Fish Society to mail. We will be having another post-card signing party in the near future, so stay tuned.

Here is a video of local anglers, talking about why they came out last week to fill out post cards:

In related news, Trout Unlimited McKenzie-Upper Willamette chapter secured $5,000 to fund a five-year population study of the newly non-stocked section of McKenzie River. The study will begin next month, and will be administered by ODFW and the McKenzie Fly Fishers. The funds came from our Portland supporters and benefactors, the Flyfisher’s Club of Oregon.

You can show your gratitude for this amazing funding by helping us fill a fly box for the FCO auction in May. TU’s Cris Abbot is currently staining a wooden box, with a steelhead fly etched on the glass cover by our friend Kathy McCartney. It will look similar to the box below. If you’d like to help fill this fly box for the FCO’s auction, please drop them off at the Caddis Fly with an envelop labeled “FCO auction fly box”.



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