Steelhead fly patterns: MOAL Leech fly tying instructions

In this new video, Jay Nicholas shows you how to tie the MOAL Leech (Mother of all leeches), created by Derek Fergus. This articulated steelhead leech has excellent action in the water and a short-shank, trailing hook which means major hook-up percentage. In this video, Jay lays out his methodology to tie these great summer and winter steelhead flies.



Moal Leech Variations

Moal Leech Variations

Moal Leech Variations

MOAL Leech fly tying materials:
Hooks: TMC 811s # 6 and Gamakatsu Octopus # 2
Junction material: Superbraid or gelspun backing
Body: Two Tone Cross cut rabbit strips
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes 7/32
Hackle: Purple schlappen
Head: Purple Ice Dub
Tools:Two c-clamp vises, Tear Mender, Micro Brushes

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7 Responses to Steelhead fly patterns: MOAL Leech fly tying instructions

  1. Andy Dalrymple says:

    Thanks for all of the great educational and informative videos. I have always wrapped the rabbit around the trailing hook in the past, I will be trying this method out next time.

  2. Rookie says:

    Fantastic! Thanks a lot.

  3. Dave says:

    Great video! I suppose I’ll be learning to tie these very soon!
    Thanks guys!

  4. David Swart says:

    Great tye simple,and useful would love to tye some up for some of the local bass and see how they work,can’t wait .

  5. Cooper says:

    I tied a couple of those a few weeks ago in black and purple and i am going to fish for steelhead for the first time this year.

  6. Jeff Timberman says:

    I like your MOAL Leech video, what video do I go to to learn to tie the base that you are using?


  7. Dustin Chromers says:

    Dude! I tied up a half dozen of these bad daddies and I have gone on a chrome roping spree! These things crush steel like I crushed my moms dreams by dropping out of medical school. They better beef up the local hatch program because aint many of these creek bound critters making past my fishing hole!

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