Killer winter steelhead egg pattern: The Lifter

This is an excellent dead drift winter steelhead fly pattern for Oregon’s coastal rivers.


The Bead Head Lifter
Hook: Gamakatsu C14S #4-10
Thread: 140 Ultra Thread Pink or Orange
Bead: 5/32 copper bead
Tag: Fine Fl. Chartruese chenille
Body: Large Shrimp Pink Cactus Chenille
Collar: White sparkle emerger yarn

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4 Responses to Killer winter steelhead egg pattern: The Lifter

  1. Will says:

    how do you typically fish these flies? Are they fished with lead shot and indicator or on a tip with an upstream cast, dead-drift to swing? I’ve been curious about experimenting with small flies dead-drifted but I’m hesitant to throw lead shot

  2. Matt Stansberry says:

    Depends on where you’re fishing it.

    I’d fish this indicator, no split shot needed. It’ll sink fast enough for most of our coastal rivers.

    For places with “no-indicator” rules, like the North Umpqua fly water, you could fish a beadless lifter pattern with a tip, cast upstream, etc.

  3. Rob R says:

    I would use this as a trailer fly, tied in 18″ off the back of a Lowly-Glowly. Then you’ve got the weight you need, no split-shot, and two bugs. More evil than bait.

  4. matt r says:

    Wanted to give props to Dan Reynolds, former co-owner of the Scarlet Ibis Fly Shop (R.I.P.) in Corvallis, who originally tied this fly and caught about a thousand winter steelhead on it on the Alsea and Siletz. One of my heroes!

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