Leech pattern for Oregon’s High Lakes: Speckle Bugger

This leech fly is a versatile pattern for fishing Oregon’s High Lakes. You only want enough lead to sink the fly slowly, so you can retrieve it at a crawl. The variegated materials give an illusion of segmentation, and movement, which can be important. A fly that can suspend, but still look like it’s moving can be killer on stillwater fish.

Barrett's Speckle Bugger

Speckle Bugger
Hook: TMC 200R 6-10
Lead: .025
Tail: Grizzly Marabou Olive
Rib: Lagartun non-tarnishing French tinsel
Body: Variegated med brown olive chenille
Hackle: Dyed olive grizzly saddle hackle

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2 Responses to Leech pattern for Oregon’s High Lakes: Speckle Bugger

  1. Zach VanDeHey says:

    Nice pattern, never seen anyone tie the hackle in with tinsel before. I always learn something new from your videos

  2. Brian says:


    sweet doo.

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