Purple Peril: Steelhead fly tying video

The Purple Peril is one of the classic steelhead flies. In this fly tying video, Barrett shows you his own twist on this great Deschutes River steelhead pattern. It’s also a good winter steelhead pattern.

Fancy Peril

The Purple Peril
Hook: TMC 7999
Thread: Purple Uni 6/0
Tail: Metz soft hackle purple
Tag Lagartun varnished oval med french tinsel
Rib: Same as tag
Rear Body: Langartan mini flat braid Lilac
Front body: purple ice dub
Hackle: purple Metz soft hackle
Wing: Purple squirrel
Tools: Dubbing brush, Petitjean bobbin

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3 Responses to Purple Peril: Steelhead fly tying video

  1. Phillip Bennett says:

    Thats a cool bobin ,but for 50 bills ill use the one i got when i was ten.Keep up the good work Barret and Cris

  2. Martin golden trout says:

    tying the fancy purple peril was the best thing since sliced bread!

    tight lines martin

  3. lou says:

    Hey i fish the lower niagara river whirlpool for steelhead and browns. I like using slip bobbers and other meathods, could you give me fly suggestions slip bobber fishing? Thanx>>>>>>>>>>> Lou P.

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