Hold the train! Minam steelhead train derailed?

According to a recent news article, the Minam Steelhead Train might be derailed. Reader James Fox sent us a note, and recommended concerned anglers contact Janet Dodson (Union County Tourism) at 1-800-848-9969 or Mark Davidson (Union County Commissioner) at 541-963-1001.

Jim heading downstream

Our pal Rick Gersbach, who allowed us to use his photos, had the following to say about the train:

When I visited the Stealhead train there was a sense, even then, that it might be a bit of an ephemeral thing. There was a little competition on the river from the other train riders, and it is a little hard to be sneaky about what you are doing, because everybody sees where you get on and off. There were definitely fish there, but the best part, hand down was the scenery. The canyon with all of the ice and snow. It was very surreal.

Minam Motel

Money shot - Uncliped fish

Steelhead train

Rods in snow

Andrew and Jim

Hook up


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3 Responses to Hold the train! Minam steelhead train derailed?

  1. Janet Dodson says:

    If you have taken a ride on northeast Oregon’s Steelhead Train and would like to do so again, please send your comments and lend your support to the email address above or post them here. We want to keep this amazing and unique fishing opportunity available.

  2. Davjd Dietrich says:

    DON’T SHUT IT DOWN!!!! I haven’t been there yet but have been dreaming of going for several years. I work at a fly shop in the puget sound area and we are planning a shop trip to the train this winter. You can’t shut this train down.

  3. Andrew Morgan says:

    DON’T SHUT THE TRAIN DOWN. Although I have yet to ride the train (was hoping to winter 2011 with my wife), this is one of the most unique fishing experiences in the world and would be a great loss to the fishing community. I live in Spokane and my wife works at a local fly shop, The Silverbow, and there has been a lot of interest in the train from the community here. Please Please don’t shut it down. Let us know what we can do to help get the word out, and everybody join in and give a hand.

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