Oregon Early Winter Steelhead Report

Rob Lewis sends us this report from his fishing late this past week. We have a break in the wet weather.Look for coastal rivers to drop. Winter Steelhead conditions should be ideal this week.–CD

Hi Chris just a quick report! Fished the Alsea the 18th Friday. The day started out at Clemens park, we fsihed all the usual places to no avail. Switched it up went down stream saw fish moving but no biters! The water was a little dirtier too. We went back to Clemens for the after noon bite, And finally managed a 30in Hatchery hen! I was fishing a Sage 11 foot 7wt z-axis switch rod using lowley glowley in pink and a thingamagigger bobber! Simply deadly!

Rob Lewis Winter Steelhead

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6 Responses to Oregon Early Winter Steelhead Report

  1. Arrowood says:

    Nice fish. I’m surprised it was a hen, I was out on the twentieth all day and seen bout 8 buck hatcherys and 1 buck native. I heard the hens usually come lil after the bucks. If true, wonder why that is?

  2. b-christ says:

    Males bolt ahead to establish their territories . Hens take their time due to the fact they are fixing their hair or freshening up.LOL;)

  3. Moon says:

    Congrats Rob …. Why don’t you get Mo to feed ya something. Your looking a bit thin….

  4. Rob R says:

    If you were there every day, you’d probably see all or mostly bucks one day, then hens the next, and so on. When they’re on the move they can come in packs like that.

    In my experience, bucks dominate the front end of the run, while hens dominate the back end. This seems to agree with data that shows males spending more time on their spawning beds than females. I’m thinking especially of Bill McMillan’s observations of big hatchery bucks camping out on redds for many weeks, managing a revolving-door harem of females (with sneaker males doing the majority of actual fertilization).

    Nice fish, Rob!

  5. Steve says:

    Thanks Rob,

    You made my Christmas morning. Landed a fat hatchery hen on the same pattern up there.. Hmm. I forgot what a trout looks like..

  6. Fussdafishwhisperer says:

    Way to go Big Rob! I was thinking about winter steelheadin on the upper run of Whitaker Creek (Mapleton), (Siuslaw is runnin a lil high-almost 8feet) but after seeing your post and rappin with Scottie, I think I’m headin to the Alsea–
    Happy Holidays and taught lines,
    Fuss from Rexius

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