Cozumel Bonefishing exeeds expectations

When your mental state is tied to the seasonal ups and downs of the fly fishing retail cycle November is a great month to get out of town. A couple of great family trips kept me out of the store this year. One to Southern California and one to Playa Del Carmen Mexico allowed for fun in the sun and an escape from the shops slowest month 30 years running..


One fishing day out the 18 away from the office is pretty sad, but that was the reality this year. I had planned for two but windy conditions kept me off the water one day. The plan was to fish the North side of Cozumel. When staying in Playa Del Carmen a 30 minute ferry ride is required to Cozumel. Ten minutes later you are rigging your rods, and a 15 minute boat ride gets you to the lagoon. Under ideal weather conditions the boat ride is undoubtedly shorter. My guide, Nacho wanted to be inside the lagoon to avoid wind the day we fished.


I had seen photos of the bonefish in Cozumel and honestly my expectations were pretty low. The Bonefish seemed to run small and tended to be taken from big schools. My take was that Cozumel is a great dive resort island with decent offshore fishing at the right time of the year. The fact that I was in Mexico to enjoy time with the family in the sunshine either reduced those expectations even more, or increased the self induced pressure one feels when sight fishing, the jury is out on this one.

The bottom line is that Cozumel is a very underrated bonefish/snook/tarpon spot and if you are in the area and enjoy flats fishing, Cozumel is a must do. My assessment of a good day of bonefishing is based on how many fish you see, and how many shots you get. If I am in fish most of the day, it is a great day. Landing big numbers of fish doesn’t happen all that often but if 6-12 fish come to hand I am more than satisfied. My day with Nacho produced plenty of action on bones, and later in the day we chased a few tarpon and snook. I was surprised at the size of the fish, my guide suggested one was 7lbs, I am thinking more like six. Either way a very respectable bonefish anywhere.




Tackle used on the trip included the new Sage 9’7wt XI3 Rod which is simply a rocket. The rod is very fast, light and lands fish like it is a 9wt. For reel and line the Bauer Rogue 4 worked fantastic with a Scientific Anglers Bonefish Taper line on it. Leaders were Rio Bonefish leaders in 9ft and 13.2lbs, tippet was Seagar Grand Max Fluorocarbon in 2x. The very best fly was a Gotcha, I tried to get a variety of patterns to work but the Gotcha was definitly prefered by the fish.

For more information on how to book this bonefishing trip in Cozumel please contact me at the shop 541 342 7005 or email at–CD

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6 Responses to Cozumel Bonefishing exeeds expectations

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    November was my shop’s worst month in a long time as well. Any ideas why other than “the economy”?

  2. I have always dreamed of going bonefishing. Maybe I will be able to tie it in to a family trip. Great article.

  3. Bjorn says:

    Great write up. I’m putting a story up about your story on my blog tomorrow. Hope that’s OK.

  4. ric russell says:

    Been out with Nacho 4 years ago for bones. Great day under terrible conditions. Can you tell me how to set up with him? Going to Coaumel Monday, 2/28.

    Ric Russell

  5. Lynn Moore says:

    would like to get info on bone fishing with Nacho in Cozumel, be there the week of Chrismas

  6. Mark Moeller says:

    Please send me contact information for Nacho. Thanks!

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