Comet patterns for fall chinook salmon on the fly

In these two videos, Barrett Christiansen shows you two variations of the classic salmon fly pattern, the Comet. These flies have accounted for a lot of fall chinook salmon over the decades and are probably the best all-around pattern for fly fishing Pacific salmon.


Rob's Lay Salmon

The two videos show the standard comet and a low-water version.

Chartreuse Comet

Chartruese Comet

Hook: Size 4 Gamakatsu L11S-3H
Thread: Ultra Thread
Eyes: Medium silver bead chain
Tail: Chartreuse Calftail
Body: Flat silver diamond braid
Collar: Crystal chenille
Hackle: Chartreuse webby hackle or schlappen

Barrett’s low water comet

Orange Comet

Hook: Size 2 C14S Globug
Thread: 6/0 uni thread
Eyes: Medium gold bead chain
Tail: Black calf tail
Body: Antron hot orange crystal chenille
Hackle: Black webby hackle or schlappen

Barrett says fish green/chartreuse in the morning, orange in the afternoons. The run is on. Go get ‘em.

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4 Responses to Comet patterns for fall chinook salmon on the fly

  1. jay nicholas says:

    The Comet is a vastly overrated fly. It will, however, catch carp. Don’t listen listen to Barrett. Don’t tie Comets. Don’t use Chartreuse or Orange.


  2. b-christ says:

    I can’t believe it took you this long to chime in!

  3. Michael Webb says:

    Thanks Barrett.
    Jay – you mean that’s not one of your boxes at the top of the post?

  4. jay nicholas says:

    Oh OK. Yes it is my small Comet box. The one with the least useful colors to fish for salmon here in Oregon. My go-to box is four times larger and will NEVER be photographed. EVER. Not even Matt and Rob have seen it.


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