South Coast Salmon Report

Right now the South Coast Salmon fishery is best described as “A Fishery of Two Thousand Casts”. There are a few fish being caught and we saw some decent pods of Chinook moving, rolling, swimming, splashing and mostly not biting in the lower river. To sum it up we logged 24 hours of fishing between two anglers and had one fish to show for it. We saw a few other fish caught but it wasn’t exactly on fire. Most of the fish were caught on small darker colored flies presented with a clear intermediate shooting head.

Rob's Lay Salmon


If you go to the Elk or Sixes you’ll have company. Everyone is making their two thousand casts!

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2 Responses to South Coast Salmon Report

  1. b-christ says:

    Did I tell you the one about the massive knot in the line????????

  2. Rob R says:

    sweet fish, great post.

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