Jay shows you how to really fill a Bugger Beast

The fall chinook version of the Cliff Bugger Beast, courtesy of Jay Nicholas.




Send us picks of your Bugger Beast.

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7 Responses to Jay shows you how to really fill a Bugger Beast

  1. guy says:

    Awesome! Perhaps a tad OC…do you still have the number for Chinook’s Anonymous ?

  2. Rob R says:

    Beautiful and frightening. You can tell where Jay’s been by the trail of comets. They decorate the sunken wood throughout Oregon’s tidewaters, as well as the tackle boxes of crittery locals who would otherwise have nothing to do with fly-fishing. “There was this tall guy with a pony tail who showed up, caught a bunch of fish, then rowed over and gave me this fly rod and reel, this line, and this box full of flies!” And with every season a few more bait fishermen are converted…

  3. Jeff Hickman says:

    So Jay, If you were forced to pick only two colors, what would they be? Its not easy I know, but if you were forced.

  4. jay nicholas says:

    First, I want to apologize to everyone for the shocking fact that two rows of flies are not lined up very well. It was late, i was tired, or lost my glasses or something. I know those two messy rows spoil the whole effect. Trust me, as soon as I saw the photo I went back to straighten them up. First, I got out my micrometer, then the lazer level, then the magnifying glass, then – – –

    So – – what does OC stand for anyway?

    And Jeff — Claret — I would have to say that Claret is my go-to color for Crappie flies.

    Any more questions ladies and gentlemen?


  5. Matt Stansberry says:

    OC: Obsessive Compulsive :)

  6. jay nicholas says:

    Common, Matt. You know I’m not obsessed with fly fishing or fly tying. I could quit anytime I want.

    Really. I could. If I wanted to.

    Ok, gotta go now and count my Sea-run flies and tidy my leader tippet spools.


  7. Steve P says:

    thems be some funny looking river rocks, jay, petrified this and agate that. What with all the old-timey rocks, and old-school flies, maybe you can also conjure up massive salmon runs of bygone days?

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