Local . . . (Fill in the Blank) Resident (?) Causes Big Drop in Willamette River

I thought about using harsher words in the title but I have been known to habitually destroy garage doors with my pick-up so I’ll stick with the facts and you can fill in the blanks.

A local resident managed to submerge his pick-up in about ten feet of water in the Willamette River–coincidentally right on top of an EWEB water line. The Register Guard has the full story here. That’s going to cost him.

A quick call to the Corps of Engineers and I found out they are going to drop the river a down to a couple thousand CFS not a couple feet as reported in the Register Guard article. They have already reduced the flows out of Dexter and will be doing the same thing at Dorena. Once the truck is removed the Corps is going to bump the flows back up.

This will not affect the navigability of the river though it may not help the fishing.–KM

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