Fly tying video: Tony’s Oregon Surf Perch Critter

Tony Torrence’s surf perch creation is a great pattern for fly fishing in Oregon’s surf zone. Easy to tie, hard to resist. Surf perch fishing should be picking up along the coast in the coming weeks.

Tony's surf perch

Surf Perch

Tony’s Oregon Surf Perch Critter
Hook: Size 1-2 saltwater hook
Thread: 6/0 Fire orange
Eyes: Bead Chain
Tail: Baitfish Emulator, Hot Orange
Body: Large, rootbeer cactus chenille
Collar: Large Grizzly
Wing: Brown Craft Fur

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5 Responses to Fly tying video: Tony’s Oregon Surf Perch Critter

  1. Simon Graham says:

    That would work really well with our fresh water perch species here in Europe as well.Nice fly….might just have to tie a couple of those to see how they get on.

  2. Denise Waugh says:

    Hey Tony, how are you. Please email me details about what’s up with you and your family. Miss you my friend.

  3. Ken Barker says:

    Great fly, Tony! Can surf perch really handle a #1 or #2 hook? Or is this also intended for other species, with #6 for the surf perch?


  4. Roger Brockway says:

    I’m looking for a surf perch fly fishing club in the area of the central Oregon coast. Thanks Roger

  5. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    I am not familiar with any fishing club on the central coast.

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