McKenzie near Eugene continues to fish well subsurface

It’s always great to fish dries, but phenomenol hatches and good fish up on top don’t happen everyday. This past Saturday I had two skilled anglers up front and we nymphed and swung wets all day. Fishing was great and our average size of fish was anything but average. Nymphing rigs varied throughout the day, golden stones, Mega Princes, Pheasant tails and March Brown Nymphs all worked. The key was having the fly down near the bottom dead drift. After things warmed up a bit we swung March Brown Bead head emergers.–CD

odfw # 918




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4 Responses to McKenzie near Eugene continues to fish well subsurface

  1. Joe says:

    Wow – Oregonians are finally learning how to nymph…

  2. Karl Mueller says:

    ummm . . . what’s a nymph? Pray tell . . . .

  3. Joe says:

    A girl with some serious self-esteem issues…

  4. Rob R says:

    those are some beautiful bows. thanks for sharing with us office stiffs!

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