March Brown hatch about to go off on the Lower McKenzie

Lots of big fish and big bugs on the Lower McKenzie River today from Hayden Bridge to Armitage.

March Browns coming

Clear skies and stiff cold winds kept the major March Brown hatches from coming off, but it should be happening in the next couple days.

March Browns coming

We spotted quite a few of the big mayflies late in the day, but all of our action was on megaprince nymphs and Micro Mayflies, under a thingamabobber.

March Browns coming

March Browns coming

March Browns coming

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4 Responses to March Brown hatch about to go off on the Lower McKenzie

  1. Gordon says:

    I am new to this site and the McKenzie, but have been an avid flyfisher for many years. Mostly Deschutes for trout and steelhead. I have a driftboat and would like to know where to put in and take out on the Mckenzie. I am thinking of floating it for the March brown hatch in the next week or two. Shuttles available?

  2. Caddisfly says:

    Good drifts are from Hendricks to Hayden, Belinger to Hayden, Hayden to Armitage and Armitage to Cross Rd. We have a map detailing access at the shop. Shuttles are available and we are happy to give out those numbers.

  3. Kevin says:

    I am going be in Eugene next week where should I go on the McKenzie to wade? What is the average fish size?

  4. Caddisfly says:

    I would recommend fishing the lower river.
    Try Armitage Park or Deadmonds Ferry Rd. Average fish ranges 8-14 inches but we do get the occasional 16-19 inche fish. Give us a call the day of your outing and we will give you another report. Have fun

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