How to tie tarpon flies: Bunny Toad Jr.

This fly is a variation of the tarpon toad shrimp from a couple months ago. It’s a very effective fly pattern for juvenile tarpon — but it will work for big boys as well. Shrimp tend to have an orange egg sack, and a little orange maraboue skirt on this shrimp pattern really lights the fly up. You could also tie this fly in black and purple for night-time fly fishing.

Baby Tarpon Toad fly

Bunny tarpon toad fly materials
Hook: Gamakatsu SC17 1/0
Thread: 6/0 uni Orange
Foul guard: 20lb mono
Tail: Magnum bunny strip, gold variant
Collar: Tan and orange marabou
Head: Polypropelene yarn
Eyes: Black mono

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