Oregon Albacore Tuna success 45 miles off Newport

Caddis Fly customer Lee Daniel reports tuna on the fly, 45 miles out of Newport. Daniel was outfitted with a Sage 10 wt 9 foot Xi2 rod, a 10-11 Nautilus reel, 400-grain 24-foot shooting head line and 350 feet of backing. The 24-lb. albacore pictured below took 50 minutes to land. Daniel also landed a 10lb. tuna the same day.

Lee Daniel Tuna Trip

Lee Daniel Tuna Trip

Lee Daniel Tuna Trip

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2 Responses to Oregon Albacore Tuna success 45 miles off Newport

  1. Rick Itami says:

    I am planning an albacore fly fishing trip this coming August. A few years ago, I traded my G. Loomis 9 ft. 10 wt. GLX rod for a 10 ft. 8 wt. GLX. Is an 8 wt. too light for albacore?


    Rick Itami

  2. Randy says:

    this is probably too little too late, but do yourself a favor, get a 12wt. a 10 is too light for those guys…especially if you don’t want everyone else in the boat pissed off at you for taking an hour to land a fish.

    and get a reel that can hold 250-300 yards of backing…if you hook up often enough, you’ll need it. and, last but not least, double-check your knots. that means pull them as hard as you can.

    I wouldn’t even dream of targeting them with an 8…

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