Escape to East Lake

East Lake

Ken Crangle and Lou Verdugo  launched at East Lake Saturday (8/16/08) and started to fish about 75 yards out from the dock.    During the day they enjoyed a couple  interesting “events”:  sulfur fumes from vents coming from the bottom of the lake, one large brown trout coming to the surface to take one of Ken’s released fish and swim away with the trout dangling from it’s mouth!


They saw plenty of Callibaetis going off all day.  The hatch went from heavy to light during the entire day.   Thorax, and Cripple Callibaetis worked well for fish within the 8-10 inch range that were rising on the surface.  

East Lake Trout

Future Fly Anglers

While at the ramp, they came across two future fly anglers.  The rumor on the lake was that they were using 7 ounce split shot, 45 feet down, trolling very slow and “worm like” flys?   LV

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