Lahontan trout restoration efforts begin on Upper, North McDermitt creeks

ODFW plans to begin restoring Lahontan cutthroat trout to the McDermitt creek basin, according to a recent press release.

On Aug. 27 and 28, Upper McDermitt, North Fork McDermitt and tributaries will be treated with rotenone, a naturally occurring fish toxicant. This is the second year of a three-year plan to remove non-native trout from the watershed. In September 2007 nearby Indian and Cottonwood creeks were similarly treated. Once treated, the streams will be stocked with native Lahontans.

From ODFW: Lahontan trout were once common in lake and streams throughout southeast Oregon, Nevada and much of California. Their populations have declined primarily due to loss of habitat, hybridization with introduced rainbow trout, and competition from other introduced trout species.

For more info, check out Oregon State University’s Native Fish Investigation page.

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